Who’s Coming to My Wedding?


You are engaged, Congratulations!! Now you must get that guest list together.  It is necessary to get guest list from your parents, your fiancé, and of course your list.  It is necessary to have the guest list as this will assist in size of ceremony and reception venue needed.

Create this list and keep adding for a few weeks.  As you share your news so many people, (friends current and past, relatives, coworkers) will want to be invited. Add them to the list for a few weeks.

Now about two months later you will need to review that list. Review the list and begin removing those you really do not want to invite.  There are many reasons you may remove a person.  This is for you to decide, there is no need to justify this to that individual or anyone else.  This is your wedding.

You’re getting MARRIED!

Enchanted Love


Wedding Personality Specialist/Wedding Décor Designer






I know the excitement in planning the reception just vibrate joy and dancing feet. In locating that venue know the size of your band or necessary space for the dj set up.  Most of all have the space to satisfy the guests.

Satisfy your guests, yes.  The space should be comfortable for the guest to move around and dance with joy, remember it is a celebration, YOUR CELRBRATION.

If you have small guest list. DO NOT get a large venue this removes the warmth of the celebration. If your guest list is large then so should your venue be, you do not want everyone bumping into each other, frustrated and definitely not stepping on each other on the dance floor.

I suggest count those shoes and correlate that space so the guest can eat, relax and dance the enjoyment of YOU and CELEBRATE THIS UNION.

Enchanted love,


Wedding Personality Specialist /Wedding Décor Designer



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Who’s getting married? You are and there must be a budget. A budget yes, a budget, this does not determine your limitations (for some). It can assist you in who will be responsible for what. This can be 3 hundred to 3 million.

If you the bride will be responsible for it all follow me for an update to break down the categories for ease. If you are the bride with assistance here it is.

BRIDE: _______________________ (make your list what your monies will pay for)

BRIDE’S PARENTS________________ (their original agreement of contribution, this  could change)

OTHER INCOME____________________ (this could be relatives, friends, wedding savings account)

GROOM__________________ (be specific with the groom)

GROOM’S PARENT______________ (begin your in laws relationship with what they feel is comfortable to them, remember some in laws believe it is the bride and bride’s parent’s responsibility to pay for the wedding)

Remember the wedding is a joy and happy time so enjoy the budget with a smile.

Happy budgeting!!

Enchanted love,


Wedding Personality Specialist/ Wedding Décor Designer



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The Bridal Veil


What is your bridal veil style? Just as your bridal gown should be a portrait of your personality so should your veil or tiara. But  I am  focusing on the veil.  There are many styles so let’s increased that bridal knowledge.

BALLERINA- a long veil, ending at ankle length.

BLUSHER- a short veil, about even with the chin and covers the face.

CATHEDRAL- a long veil that is 12 feet sometimes longer. Length is measure from the center of the head. (this one is gorgeous, just be certain someone spreads it for the full beauty before the walk down the aisle and the aisle is wide enough as to prevent catching a pew or chair).

CHAPEL- is similar to CATHEDRAL but shorter in length (7 feet).

ELBOW – is mid length between the fingers and elbow’

FINGERTIP or TIPS OF FINGER- is usually at the tips of fingers. (this veil usually require tailoring to the brides arm length).

FLYAWAY- is shoulder length and sometimes about an inch or two below the shoulder.

THE SWEEP- a long veil about 1 foot longer than the gown.

Now let’s match up your bridal personality with the gown and veil.

Enchanted Love,


Wedding Personality Specialist / Wedding Décor Designer


What Is Your Bridal Flower Personality?

“Bridal Flower Personality”, defines your uniqueness by your bridal bouquet.  Each is elegant and says “Yes this is me”.  So are you a bride of:

Round bouquet

Bridal Flower Personality”, defines your uniqueness by your bridal bouquet.  Each is elegant and says “Yes this is me”.  So are you a bride of:

thDB4FMPCW (2)Round bouquet thIIKVV6FACascade bouquetthKY024FB5Arm bouquet

thQV8JCGJONosegay bouquet thW74A3LZIBridal wrist corsage

Which describes you, I recommend as always “you do you”.

Happy bridal bouquet picking!

Enchanted love,





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Bridal Cakes For Your Personality


Sweetly choose the wedding cake that exhibits your personality. Remember the options, traditional wedding cakes of multiple designs, cupcake wedding cake or my favorite p

etit four wedding cake. So brides share your sweet personality through your choice of a wedding cake about who? Yep YOU.

Happy Sweet Wedding!


Enchanted Love,


Wedding Personality Specialist/ Wedding Décor Designer


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Brides of today be aware of “The Venue”.  There are many details in choosing a venue.  Once you have established your date of “I do” now it is time to locate the celebration.

A few hints:

  1. Check out the venue’s room.  Use numbers not small, average, large. If the venue reference small, large ask for numbers.  A small wedding to you maybe 25 to a venue it could be 75-100 (depends on location). So ask then look, saves time.
  2. Make the decision if you will have the reception catered.  If so note the policy of the venue.  Not all venues allow outside caterers or you must choose their caterers.  As well as an outside caterer may have to pay a fee.
  3. Do not forget about the space required for the dj, band or entertainment.  Discuss with your entertainer the amount of space necessary for them.

Happy wedding planning.

Enchanted Love,


Wedding Personality Planner / Wedding Décor Designer


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Being a new bride can be exciting, exhilarating until you begin to think about the wedding.  This too can be exciting but decisions must be made.

First thoughts or should be first thoughts, you I hire a wedding planner or do it myself which is known as the DIY bride.  My first thoughts to you would be to hire a wedding planner, of course there is much thought to this which I will outline in a future blog today I will give a few guidelines for the DIY bride.  This is also known as “Timeline of Planning”.

Timeline planning will assist in minimum stress.

Step 1 (8-12 months prior to the wedding)

  1. Announce the engagement to the family
  2. Discuss with groom and any financial supporter, the size of the wedding, the theme( which will have a great impact on cost), ideal reception ( this may change later  and this is okay)
  3. Establish a budget. This budget should be a “REAL” budget, not one on possibilities and definitely do not budget your expected 30K wedding on 15K.
  4. Establish an account jointly is good with monies or credit card for the wedding. This will differentiate monies.
  5. Set dates, guest lists.  Be open that venues of choice may not be available to your date, alternative dates should be considered.

This is just a few of the list in the beginning process of wedding planning.  Great start  to you, Happy planning.  If in doubt contact a wedding planner.

Enchanted Love,


Wedding Personality Planner/ Wedding Décor Designer


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A Bride of Color


Are you a bride questioning the option of a white wedding dress versus one of color and indecisive of a style? Go for it. It is after all your wedding.
There are many with the thought of a white dress, off white or a cream wedding dress as this is “the norm”. So what happens if you step outside of “the norm box” and allow your persona to be exhibited.

thP8PZ26JS thHOANCWHB th90N8Q91G

Are you with the fear of the talk, as we know the guests are sure to talk with their own reasons as to your choice to be a bride of color. This is a given, as well as if your dress was a perfect white, designed by a renowned designer- they will talk . So how about the conversation being about “you being you”. Go ahead it is your choice.
In making this decision remember your bridesmaid dresses should be of a pastel color not as bold as the bride and the accessories as always should complement the style, and color and most of all should be an expression of you.

Enchanted love,
Wedding Personality Specialist, Wedding Décor Designer

I Will – I Will Not – I Do


I will, I will not, I do, what is this? Okay brides there is so much to do whether you are a DIY bride or if you have a wedding planner. Being respectful and dedicated to yourself as well as other brides and of course your wedding planner.
Let’s begin: I Will
I will be respectful to all my appointments in time, if I am unable to keep the appointment I will call and will do the same if I am a few minutes behind.
I will be respectful should I be late for an appointment and someone else is now present.
I will remember to communicate with my planner or anyone coordinating my wedding by returning all calls promptly.
I will remember I am getting married and hold firm to my current exercise routine and nutritional intake.
I will keep within my budget or notify all involved when I have either increased my agreed allotment or am nearing or passed my allotment.
I will distress myself when necessary with a massage or sometimes a girls night out (this is great especially if you are the DIY Bride
I will not get angry if my change in an appointment cannot accommodate my schedule, but will respectfully accept the next availability or negotiate another appointment to accommodate me and the professional
I will not cause drama if there is a line or other customers as their needs or important too.
I will not wait to the week prior to my wedding to begin a weight management program.
I will not throw tantrum when I know I have exceeded my budget and failed to communicate this information.
I will not use profanity or threats because I decided to make a change a week prior to the wedding and the change will cost.
I will not neglect my skin, my happiness, my love for all my friends and family.
These are just a few reminders to keep any bride focused, relaxed ( of course there will be stressful days but not regularly) and ready for the glamorous walk to your true love for –
“I DO”
Enchanted Love,
Wedding Planner/ Wedding Décor Designer